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Wokha Tourism

Wokha has many naturally beautiful tourist places. The tourist spots of Wokha are:


There is a water pool in the heart of the town of Wokha which provides a breathtaking sight of the district. Etsuchukha as it is known is a well known water source prevalent since the British times and is the main water source for the people of the Wokha town.


There is also a mission compound named Vankhosung, which is located around 4 kms from Wokha town. This compound is the center of Chritatian missionary activities. It is famous as the first American Baptist Mission activity started from there in 1923.

Liphanyan Governor’s Camp

This camp is located on the foothills around 43 kms from Dimapur and can be also approached from Wokha. The camp provides a beautiful view of the Doyang River flowing from the hills and the valleys among them in a zigzag way. The camp is an ideal spot for rafting, angling, picnics and river camping.

Mount Tiyi, WokhaMount Tiyi

This mountain located in Wokha district has an altitude of 1969.91 meters above sea level. The mountain is believed to be the abode of the departed soul. In local folklore it is said that there was an orchard which could be found out by only the lucky people. Trekking and rock climbing are major activities in this mountain. There are colorful Rhododendrons in the cliffs. The peak is believed by some tribes groups like the Lothas, Semas and Aos to be a repository of their deceased. The peak provides a beautiful view of the villages and valleys below in the district.

Totsu Wozhu Lake

This lake is situated in the southern part of Phiru-Shaki area in the upper part of the Wokha district. In comparison to the other lakes of the district, this lake is bigger and more important. It covers around an acre of land and is a favorite angling spot for the people. There are many varieties of fish found in the lake.

Other lakes in this district are located in Sanis and Mekokla areas.

Rivers in Wokha

There are seasonal streams and rivers that run from the hill ranges in Wokha. The important rivers which flow through this district are:

Doyang River:

The Doyang River is the biggest and the longest river which runs near the southern boundary of the state of Nagaland. The Angami tribe people who resides in the origin of the river calls it Dzu or Dzulu. The river takes many meandering turns before finally joining the Dhansiri River in Assam. This river has three main tributaries namely Tsui, Tullo and Tishi. This river is not only important for the Wokha district but also for Nagaland as a whole.

Chubi River:

It is the second largest river in Wokha district. The river flows southwards from Mokokchung district and joins the Doyang district on the south of Pangti area of Wokha district.

Nzhu River:

This river rises from the Nerhema area under Kohima district and the flows through Miphong in the Rengma area. The river then covers the entire southeastern portion of the district. Further course, it flows towards the south western border of the district across the Phiro Shaki area and joins the Doyang river at Lotsu area of the district. This river is also an important tributary of the Doyang River.

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